Model VB-01
The VB-01 amplifier is fashioned after the sounds made famous by a certain British amplifier manufacturer, but tweaked to give it an updated tone.  This amplifier's distortion characteristics are developed primarily through overdriving a pair of KT77's in the power section, and sounds great cranked through a 4x12 cabinet.  If your tastes lean towards more classic tones, this amplifier can also run EL34's (or even a pair of 6L6's) if so desired.  The channels can also be jumpered to give even more tonal variations.  This amp has a lot of clean headroom and takes pedals incredibly well.  Since this amp does not have a master volume the use of an attenuator is recommened to get the full power valve overdrive at lower volumes.  This amplifier was used by the Badlands House Band (nka Ron Keel Band) to record their remake of Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Sound samples:

Both channels jumpered and dimed

Clean bridge pickup

Clean bridge pickup-split

Clean neck pickup

Clean neck pickup-split

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